Inaugural event

Announcement of the DPO Circle Brussels Launch, its activities and its organisation. Attendees received a one year membership at the DPO Circle. 

Excellent organised of the event by CREOBIS.EU. They also organize several educational events, that we recommend, in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Data Protection landscape

European and Belgian Data Protection landscape by 

-  Giovanni Buttarelli, European Data Protection Supervisor 

- Charlette Dereppe represented Mr. Philippe De Backer, State secretary for  Privacy 

Browse through the five domains of competences

The DPO professional requires mastery of various practices. This session browses through a grouping into five domains that cover various publications and implementation schemes 

Review of the DPIA process

Overview of various European sources and guidelines related to the Data Protection Impact assessment exercises 

Practices on Data Breach handling

The Strict GDPR requirements impose disciplines approach, a breach handling framework and a series of enablers including incident management and communication

Data Management Process

A core activity to ensure a sustainable compliance is a mature data management activity underlying data protection processes.

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Event organisation


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