State of the GDPR Union (January 30 at 13:00)

State of the GDPR union

 Featuring Willem Debeuckelaere, President of the Privacy Commission presenting the communication requirements towards the public and the privacy commission.

Other topics include :

Agenda of the event

 Keynote: Willem Debeuckelaere

13h30: beginning of the conference - part I:

  • 13h30: DPO circle, what's new? Georges Ataya
  • 13h45: Communication tasks and dutiess towards the public & the DPA, Willem Debeuckelaere
  • 14h15: Blockchain and GDPR, any contradiction? Me Thibault Verbiest
  • 14h35: L'archivage et le respect ou non du data minimization, best practices - Antoine Delforge, chercheur au CRIDS
  • 15h05: Evaluation of selected GDPR tools, Student group from Solvay Business school
  • 15h15: Maturity evaluation of GDPR implementation, Student group from Solvay Business school

15h30 coffee break

15h45: beginning of the round-tables - part II:

16h30: Breakout results: 10 minutes per work group:  Four round-tables parallel tracks on SME implementation, HR processes, Marketing activities & PIA
17h20: networking drink

The price of the event is 95 euros plus VAT. 

All presentations will be available on our knowledge corner / documents